Photography Projects to Try in 2022

Carmen Polanco

June 8, 2022

Carmen Polanco

According to Carmen Polanco photographers should pay more attention to realism in 2022. That doesn’t mean you should do less work after the fact. It just means that the overall look is different. Instead of making dark pictures, photographers in 2022 should focus on the beauty of things that aren’t typical. With these new ideas, you’ll be able to take photos that are more true to life. Check out these tips and ideas to get started with this new style. And don’t forget to keep this in mind as you make plans for your photography projects this year.

Ideas for creative photos by Carmen Polanco

Photos look great with prisms added to them. They make a different atmosphere and are easy to use. You can put the prism in front of something and move it to see what happens to the background. When the prisms are in different places, they make different kinds of reflections. Use the prism that fits your idea or mood for the picture the best. It is best to use a manual prism instead of one that is built into a camera.

Forced point of view

With forced perspective photography, it’s easy to make pictures that look like people are standing on things in the background or foreground. Scale is used in this technique to make it look like a model is eating something or holding up a triangle-shaped object. Once the trick is finished, the photographer can pose the model in a way that looks real. Here are some ideas for 2022 photography projects that use forced perspective.


Try out prisms if you want to take photos that stand out from the rest. They can help you catch light from all over the spectrum. You can also use them to adjust the exposure and make interesting changes in the camera. To get a rainbow effect, you might try putting one between your subject and the lens. You’ll need a prism to get started, and you can find them at craft stores. Amazon is another place you can look.

Paint with light by Carmen Polanco

Carmen Polanco pointed out that light painting should be on your list of challenging photography projects to do in the new year. For this project, you need to use a long exposure, which blurs the movement of light while keeping the object in front of the lens clear. You can try different things, like crystal balls and surfaces that reflect light, to make the light painting look more interesting. You could also try to use a tripod.


If you want to do some photography projects in 2022, you might want to try using silhouettes. Evenings in the summer are a good time to try silhouette photography, and there are lots of fun things to photograph. Try taking silhouettes of people or pictures of geometric shapes to add depth to your photos. As with any photography project, the shape and outline of the subject should be the most important thing. Here are some tips for making a beautiful silhouette:


Carmen Polanco describe that if you’ve ever thought about taking a photo of yourself, you’re not the only one. Why not try a diptych or a triptych this year? You can use as many or as few images as you want in a diptych. If you don’t know what to shoot, you can try different lighting, poses, and facial expressions until you find the right ones. Try shooting in burst mode so you can catch more than one moment at once and keep your pictures interesting. You can also take pictures of yourself in different places, like in a folder.

New music to try

Nigel Danson gives you seven ways to improve your photography in 2022. Start a new project: try taking a picture every day, taking pictures with a different theme every week, or trying a new type of photography. Nigel also says that you should try something new every year. Try abstract photography, landscape photography, or other less common types of photography to keep your photos interesting. You might be surprised by how many kinds of photography there are.