Carmen Polanco
September 16, 2022

What is ISO?

ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is a nongovernmental organization that develops and publishes international standards. Its members are representatives of national standards bodies. The statutes of ISO describe the requirements for membership. Founded in 1947, ISO has been involved in standardization and related activities for over seventy years. ISO is a worldwide federation […]

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The Best Photography Podcasts Worth Listening to in 2023
September 7, 2022

7 Reasons to Join an Online Photography Community

Online photography communities are not only an amazing place to share your work, but they’re also a great place to make new friends. You can ask questions about your photographs and get feedback from other photographers. The community is diverse and international, making it easy to find people who share your passion. Behance If you […]

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5 Creative Photography Ideas to Capture Unique Perspectives
September 3, 2022

How to Edit Portraits in Lightroom – 7 Basic Steps

If you’ve ever wondered how to edit portraits in Lightroom, then you’re in the right place. Before you can apply any advanced editing techniques, you’ll need to understand the basics of exposure. The histogram is a key tool for assessing exposure. Ensure there’s no color-cast in the image Lightroom has a feature that lets you […]

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August 11, 2022

100+ Creative Photography Ideas

Here are some creative photography ideas, whether you want to have a photo scavenger hunt at your next family reunion or just want to do something fun with your family. In a photo scavenger hunt, three or four people work as a team to find things on a list and take a picture of each […]

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Carmen Polanco
July 26, 2022

Simple Tips to Make a Photography Portfolio

One of the easiest ways to promote your photography work is to put together a photography portfolio. While it may not be the most exciting task, it is an essential part of your photography career. A good photography portfolio will display your skills and artistic style. It should not include every photo that you take; […]

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June 8, 2022

Photography Projects to Try in 2022

According to Carmen Polanco photographers should pay more attention to realism in 2022. That doesn’t mean you should do less work after the fact. It just means that the overall look is different. Instead of making dark pictures, photographers in 2022 should focus on the beauty of things that aren’t typical. With these new ideas, […]

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May 25, 2022

Carmen Polanco – 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Photography Portfolio Look Amazing

According to Carmen Polanco, whether you want to be published or just want to show off your photography, you need to make a portfolio of your work. Creating your own unique artistic style is one of the 10 ways to make your portfolio look great. Your portfolio shouldn’t be a mix of borrowed styles and […]

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April 28, 2022

Seventy-five photographic themes to get your juices going

    Carmen Polanco believes that, photographers can choose from a wide variety of assignments. These projects will allow you to delve into a wide range of topics, from the mundane to the bizarre. There’s nothing better than working on a project where you can leave a lasting effect and build your self-esteem at the […]

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